Kaylee Grossman as ASHLEY

ASHLEY: 7, pretty and girly. She is very bright and imaginative, yet also very timid and used to surrendering when she gets bullied. She has a crush on her best friend, Reece, but doesn't know how to let him know. 
Matther Pogonat-Walters as REECE
REECE: 7. He looks young, but he has spunk. Living with his depressed single mother makes him more mature, independent and brave than his peers, yet also isolated by them. He despises cowards. Ashley is his only friend.

Carter Trey Smith as SEAN
SEAN: 8, hall monitor. Under the disguise of a good student wearing black-framed glasses, he is the most menacing bully. All the other kids fear him and his sling shot that he uses to shoot marbles at them. He can’t tolerate anyone who doesn’t follow his orders. 

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